Tuesday, July 18, 2017


We love fun fabrics... especially ones that helps us to get through the middle of the year! Here’s our current top 5 fun prints, that we felt that we just had to share with you too...
Winnie the Poo! We just LOVE this fabric and had to start off with this classic children’s favorite! CLICK HERE to view this fabric in our online store.
The Nightmare before Christmas, Jack Skellington inspired print! A HUGE LOVE LOVE LOVE from us here at NonStopCraft. CLICK HERE to view this fabric in our online store.
If you love skulls and that vintage inspired Pin-up look, why not have a look at this skull and roses fabric. CLICK HERE to view this fabric in our online store.
How much fun is this My Little Pony Inspired Fabric! CLICK HERE to view this fabric in our online store.
And last but not least... kitties and spooks! How incredibly adorable is this? And if you order it now, it’s sure to arrive just in time for Halloween! CLICK HERE to view this fabric in our online store.

This week’s pattern for subscribers

Star Trek Inspired Doggie Jacket

We have to admit, one of our pattern designers is a pit of a Trekkie... and she has designed this incredibly cute doggie jacket which is going out FREE to all of our newsletter subscribers this Friday! If you’re not yet signed up, pop onto to sign up today!

Featured pattern of the week

The Little Black Dress

Make your own fun, any time, and very essential Little Black Dress with this really easy to follow sewing pattern for our Strap Dress

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Happy Sewing!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Top ten favourite sewing gadgets

Every day sewing is made much more simple – not to mention FUN, with the gadgets we get to use in the process. This week at NonStopCraft, we decided to put together our top ten favorite sewing gadgets
  • Quilting clips - perfect to help keep fabric in its place when your layers are just too thick for pins, or for when you are working with particularly thick or  fabrics
    • Pinking shears – we just love that we can finish off fabrics to prevent fraying / unraveling with these scissors – especially for those of us who don’t have an overlocker / serger.
    • The rotary cutter makes cutting difficult and slippery patterns a breeze! 
    • We LOVE this little handheld sewing machine... we use it mostly when appliquéing delicate laces to bridal and evening wear – it makes the process of appliqué so much easier. It is also great for small quick jobs, like hemming a pair of pants, or sewing a patch onto a garment.
    • Key-chain measuring tape – as a dressmaker on occasion we may be caught out without a measuring tape – from experience we know that this can be quite embarrassing, this key-chain can help to prevent those embarrassing moments
    • Oh My Gosh! Laser scissors... never cut skew again with these awesome scissors!
      • Stack and store bobbins – if you are big on saving space, like we are with our hundreds of different colour threads, then this may just be the gadget for you!
      • Have no trouble threading your needles again with this handy little tool!
      • Magnetic seam guides – this fun and bright seam guides will help you to keep to that seam allowance
      • And finally... one of our absolutely favourite dressmaker’s gadgets, a portable steam machine... it’s truly amazing the amount of times a dressmaker may just find one of these handy

      This week’s pattern for subscribers

      Ladies Winter Jacket

      This sewing pattern was designed for winter fabrics, and is the perfect casual jacket to wear during the winter months. Sign up for our newsletter by Thursday 13 July to receive this pattern FREE on Friday 14 July 2017. 

      Featured pattern of the week

      Fiona Cape

      This is an elegant cape, made to look like a draped blazer from the back, it is perfectly suited for formal and evening functions.

      Sewalong of the week

      Fiona Cape

      Watch the sewing video tutorial for our Fiona cape, CLICK HERE and come and sew along with us and discover how easy it is to put such a stylish garment together.

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      Monday, June 12, 2017

      Season of the waistcoat

      Here at Boo Le Heart Sewing Patterns, we believe that there are few garments more stylish than a well created waistcoat... which could explain why we have such a large selection of waistcoat patterns, for men and ladies CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RANGE NOW.
      Here are a few of our more popular designs
      Sara Ladies Waistcoat – CLICK HERE to view it now
      Ladies Short Waistcoat – CLICK HERE to view it now
      Simple Waistcoats two pattern pack – CLICK HERE to view it now
      And of course our ladies waistcoat patterns always go beautifully with our high waist skirts. Here's a pack of four sewing patterns to help you to create the look.
      High Waist Skirt 4 Pattern Pack - CLICK HERE  to view it now

      This week’s pattern for subscribers

      Men’s TwoTone Waistcoat

      That’s right, hot on the heels of our very popular Ladies Two Tone Waistcoat, this coming Friday we are launching our men’s version, which is going out FREE to our newsletter subscribers FIRST before appearing in our online store.

      The Waistcoat Connoisseur

      Buy the ready-made product!

      We have had many request from clients who wish to purchase the finished product of some of our waistcoats... here’s a link to an online store that specializes in selling our waistcoat designs. CLICK HERE to view the store now

      Our Featured Sewalong

      Out TwoTone Waistcoat sewalong is already up and ready for you to watch, including the FREE sewing pattern for our Ladies TwoTone Waistcoat.

      Happy Sewing!

      Saturday, June 10, 2017

      A road SEW bumpy

      With the launch of our brand new monthly Sewing Pack for Sewing Club Members, as well as an increase in our sewalongs, we must apologize for a rough start on our new journey, and THANK YOU for being SEW PATIENT with us... YOUR ARE SEW AWESOME! We are absolutely back on track, and from now everything is going to be running so much more smoothly.
      To make up for our lateness... please accept this coupon for 50% off your next purchase in our online store

      This week’s pattern for subscribers

      Two Hoodie Patterns!

      Due to our bumpy start, we were unable to get last week's FREE Friday sewing pattern out... which means this week your are getting TWO sewing patterns for us to make up for it. So if you have subscribed to our weekly newsletter, check your inbox to see if your two brand new sewing patterns have arrived!

      A double Sewalong

      This week’s sewalong includes the video tutorials for both the Ladies Hoodie Dress AND the Extra Length hoodie!
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      Happy Sewing!

      Tuesday, May 23, 2017

      SEW YOGA

      This year we have been launching loads of fitness wear, and of course what’s a workout wardrobe without a good selection of Yoga wear!
      Try out our REALLY EASY Yoga sewing patterns, and in no time at all you’ll have a selection of outfits to be envious of!


      Our Yoga Tank Top with built in support will have you feeling confident as you twist and turn in any Yoga class


      We have an assortment of Yoga pants... from long to short, pick the style that you feel most comfortable in.


      Throw on an our slip on hoodie after class to help keep those muscles warm!

      This week’s pattern for subscribers

      Yoga Tights

      Two tone Yoga tights are very popular right now, and this coming Friday we are launching our brand new two tone yoga tights sewing pattern. Make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter, Sewalongs or Sewing Club to ensure that you receive this sewing pattern FREE this week.

      Our Winning Sewalong

      The HQ Hoodie

      We had you vote which sewing pattern in our collection that you would love to see the most as a Sewalong... and here is the winner.
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      Happy Sewing!

      Tuesday, May 16, 2017

      Wear it with Tights

      Let’s face it, who doesn’t love just throwing on a pair of tights and a stylish top – it’s the one outfit that you can wear out... and in! Look fabulous at home or if you need to leave the house to pop out for a few things or to hang out with the girls.
      We just love our tights and baggy tops here at NonStopCraft – it’s one of our favorite looks, so much so that we have a pile of patterns designed around the look.
      Have you tried out our really easy ladies tights sewing pattern?
      Our first being the extra length Jacqui top... we just love love love this one, and we know you will too.
      What do you think of our incredibly easy, batwing top The Lucy Blouse... admittedly I have already made myself several of these, which I wear mainly with my tights or skinny jeans.
      And of course, there’s nothing like a cute little dress with tights, why not try our Clare vest dress with a pair of tights – you might just LOVE it!
      If course we have MANY more options, so pop onto our website and have a look, and create yourself a few awesome looks too –
      Remember that you can use the coupon code LOVEMOM until the end of May to receive a 10% discount on your next order – from us to all the sewing mommies out there.
      We announce the winning pattern... and the winner of this awesome prize on FRIDAY!, Take the survey, and help us to choose the next sewalong and you could WIN! The winner  will be receiving an annual Sewing Club SubscriptionThat’s right – get loads of FREE brand new sewing patterns (120 to be exact) for FREE!
      And on that note... we have been working our little tooshies off behind the scenes, and we are pleased to announce that we are going to start bringing you WEEKLY SEWALONGS! - HOW TOTALLY INSANE IS THAT! 
      So if you haven't yet SIGN UP TODAY and come and join us!

      This week’s pattern for subscribers

      Slip on hoodie pattern

      This Friday we will be sending out our VERY EASY slip on hoodie pattern!
      Make sure you have signed up to receive our newsletters by Thursday, in order to receive this sewing pattern on Friday! (and it looks great with tights too!)

      We are also launching the slip on hoodie sewalong this Friday too! 

      Colouring in Therapy

      We are starting a range of colouring in pages – we hear it’s really good therapy... so much so that several magazines and blogs have already published the many benefits of colouring for adults, next to sewing (and knitting) it’s possibly the best therapy out there. So why not give our pages a try


      Happy Sewing!